P776 11 060

Does someone tell you that you are worthless? Are you being
threatened, beaten or abused? Have you been raped or otherwise
sexually molested? Get in touch.

Call 24/7 or send an email
lease do not send sensitive personal data by e-mail.



Abuse in close relationships means being subject to harassment, control, threats and/ or physical violence from someone you love or are in relationship with.

If someone is frightening you or doing things you have not agreed to, stopping you from living your life the way you want to, or if someone is hurting you or talking degradingly to you, then you are subject to abuse/ violence in your close relationships.

Every year more than 40.000 men and women get in touch with shelters in this country. They either ring or drop in for a talk. If you need a safe place to stay for a while, please contact us.


There is no need to walk alone. Get in touch.

Telephone 24 hour service 776 11 060. Or send an email.

Everyone working at the shelter has taken an oath of secrecy. We can get in touch with interpreters if necessary.
All help is free of charge.

Emergency phone numbers

Police 112 / 02800 / 77 79 60 00 Overgrepsmottak 116 117
Barnevernvakt 951 95 240 Alarmtelefon barn/unge 116 111